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The Sanctuary Project at 101 East Main St, Wallace, NC (Tel.910-284-9169) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Clothing, Thrift Store, Thrift Shop and Food Bank and more!.
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The Founder tells us why she started the Project -

There is a nationwide sense of loss and heartache due to war and yet this pain is the catalyst for the birth of a nonprofit called The Sanctuary Project whose purpose is to heal and nurture the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of our beloved spouses, children and parents who without hesitation have signed their names on the dotted line vowing to protect this country selflessly at any cost.

This elite group of men and women are our heroes, and our veterans. They are our resilient heroes whose will, wisdom and by God's grace have been given a second chance at life.

Imagine starting your life all over again after being discharged, but this time without the established home, job and relationships which you sacrificed in the name of duty; all these comforts now replaced with only the fresh memories of war. Years of conditioning and training to become a soldier; order and structure, swapped in a second for civilian muddling. And all too often the promises made on your enlistment about your treatment afterwards are not fulfilled.

The Sanctuary Project opened its doors with a food bank in 2009 primarily serving veterans, seniors and others, in that order. Our purpose and intention is to heal the heart ache, elevate the spirit, enlighten the soul, retain the previous knowledge and experience gained, and to constantly evolve. In other words to grow better and better in every way with time.

Our goals are to address the needs of our veterans and the community at large. TSP is completely dependent upon its volunteers many of whom are veterans. TSP has a food bank which primarily serves veterans and their families. We have over 500 food bank recipients at this time. TSP has a thrift store and is available to help for emergencies. TSP is in urgent need of your financial support to help secure the property for this veterans community so that we can continue to help your family members who are coming home from deployment.

TSP needs your ongoing support in order to keep its doors open andprovide services to our veterans. Our hope is, that in the future, when our troops enlist they will know that upon their return home there will be a safe, orderly and structured environment and community at their disposal for reintegration and transition and rehabilitation.

Kip C. Tomkin

TSP is a nonprofit with 501c/3 tax exempt status. Yes, and everyone needs a thrift store or thrift shop these days!



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