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The Seal or Logo of The Sanctuary Project

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The outer ovals are bounded by Rope, representing the binding and gathering of intent of the persons and intentions involved.

The title text "In Service To Others" speaks of the overall intention of the project, being that "A Life is Best Lived in Service to Others". This has been said by most enlightened persons and is reflected in many religious and spiritual writings.

The Wreath each side represents the Olive Branches of peace surrounding the Sanctuary.

The Crowning Rose is that of the Sathya Sai Organization whose stated intentions are promotion of Truth, Right-Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence. All non-divisive religions are accepted and revered as truth, in the ultimate non-denominational approach.

The Twin Shields represent protection from all adverse elements, and to provide shelter for their four areas; viz..

(1) The Cherubim represents angels both spiritual and incarnate who are assisting the development of such initiatives, and guiding not only the right people to help but also those who need the kind of help The Sanctuary Project can provide.

(2) The Seven-Pointed Star is from Great Seal of the Cherokee Nation and represents the many national types whom The Sanctuary Project serves.

(3) The Ivy-Covered Mansion represents the shelter provided by The Sanctuary Project to all those it can protect and serve.

(4) The Green Tree represents the dedicated intent of The Sanctuary Project to work with green buildings and green artifacts in all possible aspects, such that the environment can be respected and cherished.

The Five-Pointed Crown represents the five enduring values of humanity, being Truth, Right-Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence. The Crown is at the base to indicate humility; and that humanity in all aspects is subject to the Great Spirit represented by the Crowning Rose above.

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